There was a time in my life when I just knew that I wanted to travel extensively and start my own private practice and business.

Fortunately, my husband supported me in my career aspirations and shared my longing for travel.

I didn’t know how my dreams were going to come true, but I believed and imagined that they would.

I began inviting my dreams into my life by listening to what I desired and by taking the action to post pictures of travel over my desk at work. My husband and I went to the airport on weekends to watch the planes land, and I visited travel websites and watched travel television. (It also helped that the view from my desk at work overlooked a major landing path to the Toronto Airport!).

I also began researching and taking steps towards becoming a Life Coach and starting my own private practice.

Now, these are not average, easy dreams to bring to life! Traveling extensively is expensive, and starting your own business is risky and requires quite a leap of faith.

If I was independently wealthy, in the travel business, (or had any business experience at all!) things would have been different, but I wasn’t connected to any of these resources… I was practicing social work in a busy children’s mental health agency at the time and I was starting to feel a bit burnt out.

About two years after believing in and imagining my dream, my husband was invited to play guitar with the North American Broadway tour of “Mamma Mia”!

We decide to take the plunge together… our travel dream had arrived. This opportunity allowed us the incredible experience of traveling for over three years non-stop across North America (including two extended visits to Hawaii).

While on tour, I became certified as Life Coach and launched my business as a private practitioner.

My full dream came to fruition. Extensive travel and a private practice and business.

While there were many deep challenges along the way to realizing this dream, and even while living the dream, (and I will share more about meeting the challenges that the dream presents in future posts).

I’m sharing this with you now to not only relay a bit about my own journey and the lived experience I draw upon when helping others realize their own soul yearnings, but also to encourage you to allow yourself to want whatever it is you want … it’s never too silly, unrealistic or crazy.

Don’t work too hard trying to figure out HOW your dream will happen, just keep putting yourself on its path.

Take it one step at a time and remember to have some fun as you go … it greases the wheels of getting unstuck and helps you move on your way toward fulfilling your dreams and the yearnings of your soul.

Did you enjoy this post? Did it spark an insight or inspire a next step you can take on your own path?

If so, I’d love to hear from you and even more importantly, I’d love for you to do that one next thing that will take you closer to expressing more of who you truly are and bringing to life the dream and vision of the most soul-satisfying life that is calling you.