Integrative Coaching & Counseling Therapy

This is a holistic and integrative process that synthesizes aspects of both counseling and coaching modalities. It addresses all of who you are at the levels of body, mind, spirit, and soul, and we will work together to identify which areas of your life are most in need of healing and attention.

Sessions are typically 90-minutes as this allows the time I find most people need to really drop into the depth of conversation required to illuminate and unpack matters at hand while also allowing time to discuss and learn strategies that will help you to transform the challenges and allow you to move forward. The counseling aspect of this work helps us to go deep and the coaching aspect keeps the work rooted in the intention to keep a forward moving momentum.

Sessions are conducted in person at my west end Toronto location or remotely via telephone or video conference. In some cases, I may also be able to meet with you in your home and we would discuss the additional cost for this depending on your location and travel time.

All Coaching and Counseling Therapy packages are customized to individual needs and so we work together in our initial consultation session to determine the best format and frequency of sessions for you.

Please also note that I have a sub-specialty in working with artists and professionals who are touring. This lifestyle poses unique challenges that I am familiar with from my own experience of living on the road for over three years with my husband who is a musician in the orchestras of major Broadway productions.

I offer flexible support that meets the scheduling needs of artists on tour and we can discuss the particulars of your situation in an initial consultation if you’d like to explore how I might be able to support you. 

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